Digital radiographs

Better images, better treatment

Digital radiographs are a wonderful tool in helping us keep your teeth and oral health well monitored. They provide us with incredible insight on the health of your teeth and gums, and record enhanced images of your teeth without putting you at unnecessary risk.

Digital X-rays offer better images than old, with 85% less radiation exposure than traditional methods. This is especially important for children and patients who may require frequent X-rays.

Digital X-rays enable us to diagnose potential issues before they become a problem and provide more detailed information than can be seen with our eyes alone. These powerful images allow us to identify potential dental issues and get them under control before they become serious problems.

Early detection

Digital X-rays provide an innovative way of ensuring that potential dental issues are identified and addressed quickly, safeguarding your oral health. This technology allows our dentists to assess your teeth in great detail, spotting any sign of decay, bone loss, infection or tumour. They can even spot signs of injury or trauma that also may not be visible to the naked eye, but could lead to complications down the road.

With digital radiographs we can take your dental care regime to a whole new level, giving you peace of mind that develops from knowing that even tiny issues have been identified and dealt with as part of your regular checkup. These key details are essential for us to help keep your smile healthy and strong!

We’re here for your dental health

We believe in embracing the latest technology and pride ourselves on being early adopters of dental care innovation. It’s part of our commitment to providing the highest care to you and your family.

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