Dental implants and restoration

Dental implants are the best option to restore missing teeth. This is due to their highly durable materials and a realistic look and feel that closely matches our natural teeth. At Holland Cross Dental, our dental implant service not only restores missing teeth, it restores self-confidence.

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    How dental implants work

    Our team starts at the root of the issue. Before we create your artificial teeth, we need to build a replacement root to fill the missing tooth space. This creates a solid support for the new tooth. Your new root will be a titanium post that offers the highest level of stability. From there, your bone will grow naturally and conform to the titanium implant.

    If the patient has had a missing tooth for some time, the bone and gums in that space will shrink. If this has happened, a bone grafting procedure will need to be performed to regenerate new bone that will support the titanium root. This is a very routine and non-invasive procedure.

    The healing process and custom-made crowns

    After you’ve undergone a dental implant restoration procedure, the healing process is relatively quick. However, the actual implant integration into the bone can take approximately three to six months. If upon further inspection, the implant has been deemed properly secured to the bone, then a master impression of the implant is made before being sent off for the creation of a custom-made crown at the laboratory.

    The finishing touches

    The final stage in the tooth restoration process is with the final fixation of the crown onto the plant. These final appointments are quick, and appointments that follow will no longer require anaesthesia. Having undergone this exceptionally reliable treatment for replacing missing teeth, you’re quickly on the way to getting back 100% functionality!

    Are dental implants for you?  

    The great thing about dental implants are that they are much more natural feeling compared to dentures or bridgework, but the success of dental implants relies on a couple of different factors:

    Bone density

    • This will determine how structurally sound a patient’s natural bone will form to the implant.

    Gum density 

    • This will determine how structurally sound the implant will be as it is situated in the gums.

    We are here for you to answer any questions you may have. If you have any uncertainties regarding whether or not dental implants are right for you, simply fill out the form below and we will reach out to you shortly to set up an appointment.

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