Sedation dentistry

We understand that dental appointments might be unsettling for some. That’s why we make patient comfort a priority and offer sedation as an option for those who feel anxious about their visit – ensuring everyone feels relaxed during treatment.

Visiting the dentist should be a positive experience for everyone. Our welcoming team and inviting atmosphere creates an environment that is clean, comfortable and professional, the minute you enter our clinic.

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    Types of sedation we offer

    At Holland Cross Dental, we offer our patients three types of sedation to help them feel comfortable during their appointment.

    Sedation tailored to your needs

    At our practice, we value personalization. Whether you’re here for a simple teeth cleaning or more specialized dental procedure, rest assured that your comfort is always top of mind. Our team takes the time to learn about each individual patient and their needs so we can develop an experience tailored just for you. From mild sedation levels during cleanings up to other methods used throughout treatment, we’ve got it covered, every step of the way.

    Let us help you get comfortable

    We understand how intimidating a trip to the dentist can be, which is why we want all our patients to have an enjoyable and comfortable dental experience. If you’re feeling nervous about your next visit, please let us know. We understand, and we’ll provide helpful guidance on sedatives. Please feel free to fill out this form and one of our friendly team members will get back in touch soon.