Dental bone grafts

If you’ve been missing a tooth and are looking for an implant, we’ve got the perfect solution. Our bone grafting service is here to help restore your jaw’s structural integrity with no pain or discomfort.

Losing teeth can mean loss of jawbone as well, but our technology delivers solutions which will restore your mouth’s strength so you get back to feeling comfortable again.

As with all our services we take an educational approach, including bone grafts. We are here to answer any questions you may have about bone grafts and to provide you with all the options that are best suited for your oral health.

When you may need a bone graft

Here are a few reasons a patient may need to undergo a bone graft

Bone graft techniques


Allografts offer a promising approach for restoring bone strength, using donated tissue from genetically-compatible human donors. This advanced technique can be used to help people regain a healthy smile that would otherwise not be possible.


Xenografts are an innovative solution for people who have experienced weakened jaw bones. By utilizing bone material from a variety of different sources, such as animals and other donors, this procedure helps to restore physical wellbeing with compassionate care.