Root canal therapy

Unpleasant toothaches can be caused by an infection of the root, causing tremendous distress and suffering for patients. Our team is here to lend a helping hand when it comes to tackling any root issues with your teeth.

Everyone’s teeth are unique and have their own individual characteristics – from ridges to nooks, each tooth has its own story. Unfortunately, these areas of our mouth can sometimes be difficult for us to tend to. So much is hidden away between the crevices that we may miss potential issues. But if left untreated, it could cause a cavity which could grow in size and eventually affect all the way down into the root of your tooth.

A root canal is the best solution to relieving you of any pain that damaged roots may cause.

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What is root canal therapy?

A root is located down the centre of every tooth. It’s made up of soft tissue with blood vessels and nerve endings.

If the patient is experiencing receding gum line and it is left unaddressed, there is a potential the tooth’s root becomes exposed. In these cases, there is a possibility of infection developing or an increase in sensitivity.

To restore your tooth to its original healthy self, we must remove the damaged or infected area of the tooth. This whole procedure is quick and painless; so only one visit is necessary.

As with all services offered at Holland Cross Dental, we offer dental sedation options to patients who may feel uneasy about the entire process.


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