About us

Are you anxious about visiting the dentist? We understand at Holland Cross Dental. That’s why we strive to create a welcoming atmosphere where everyone feels safe and comfortable from their first step in through our door.

Our friendly team is here for one reason: to make sure your dental health needs are met with ample care and support. Plus, rest assured knowing that there’s no shortage of services available that address all aspects of oral health.

It’ll be worth every second spent here, so you can leave with a gleaming smile that you’re proud to show off to the world.

Our core values

Our team is devoted to providing exceptional care with a commitment to creating an atmosphere of safety and comfort. We are guided by our core values, helping us stay focused on delivering the highest quality experience possible for all of our patients.


At Holland Cross Dental we have a truly inspiring team of dental professionals that makes your visit an enjoyable one. From the moment you walk in, our friendly and upbeat atmosphere will make you feel welcomed! Our staff is dedicated to providing top-notch care with a smile on their faces every day.


We’ve been privileged to be part of countless smiles over the years – each one unique and special! We remain committed to providing every patient with personalised care, whether it’s for a routine check-up or more extensive treatments. Our dedication is reflected in our long history of making sure patients’ dental health needs are taken seriously.


At Holland Cross Dental, we understand the power of collaboration and communication. That’s why it forms such a vital part of our commitment to providing exceptional service – something that shines through thanks to the passion our hygienists bring! It all comes together in an experience designed just for you – one that sets us apart with its positivity and team spirit.


The Holland Cross Dental team is passionate about taking care of our patients’ oral health, both with the best practices and by enlightening them on additional unexpected benefits. We’re devoted to ensuring that everyone has an understanding of how their oral health impacts their overall wellbeing – because it’s all linked!

Holland Cross Dental in the community

Giving back

The team at Holland Cross Dental understands that there are many families in the Ottawa area who go without the proper dental care that is vital to their oral health. We are also aware of how difficult it can be for some who live with these dental issues.

We put in the effort to ensure communities and vulnerable individuals understand the significance of good dental care. By getting involved with community initiatives and volunteering our time, we’re able to spread awareness on how proper oral hygiene can have a far-reaching impact.

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Community education

We believe that healthy smiles are the foundation of a healthy life. We’re proud to support young people by teaching them about good dental hygiene habits and how they can make positive changes for their oral health.

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Children and youth

To help our youth achieve their brightest, healthiest smiles and equip them for long-term success, we prioritize teaching the young ones about proper oral hygiene. It’s all part of an effort to support healthy habits that will stay with these children into adulthood!

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Dentistry students

We are proud to offer internships to students of dentistry, mentoring students with hands-on experience that will establish them a solid foundation for a future in a successful practice.