Dental crowns and bridges

Dental crowns

At Holland Cross Dental, we have advanced technology that will repair your damaged teeth in a single visit. Using CEREC dental crowns allows us to accurately replicate the appearance of a damaged tooth so it matches the surrounding teeth. This leaves your smile fully restored and back to its full strength.

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    How do dental crowns work?

    Sometimes regular fillings just won’t cut it. When that happens, dental crowns are the solution. Dental crowns can repair a tooth that has suffered significant damage or decay. When there is still a healthy root, your dentist can fully restore your smile by applying a dental crown.

    Dental crowns are durable, strong caps for a tooth that has been damaged above the gum line. They are added to the top part of the remaining damaged tooth. Dental crowns bring back the look of the tooth, but they also restore your tooth’s strength and ability to withstand any future damage.

    To fix minor damage, partial crowns are a great option. We can tailor-fit these ceramic caps directly to the surface of your tooth – making sure they’re snug and secure.

    Dental bridges bring back natural contour

    A missing tooth can cause more than just a gap. It may also lead to bone loss in the jaw. The strain on your surrounding teeth can affect your speech and your ability to chew correctly. Dental bridges are a great way to repair spots where teeth are missing and prevent harmful side effects.

    Using your existing teeth, a literal “bridge” is created between adjacent teeth. The majority of dental bridges are made from ceramic or a ceramic alloy combination to ensure that they are strong and durable.

    When a patient needs a tooth replacement, dental bridges come in a close second when it comes to quality and longevity. Implants are always the better choice, but certain conditions need to be met for implants to be a suitable option. Regardless, bridges will provide your smile with a boost, making it appear fuller and healthier, while also allowing you to get back to eating and speaking normally with added confidence.

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