Digital impressions

Clear impressions in just minutes

Digital impressions are a revolutionary technology that adds a layer of convenience and accuracy for both patients and dentists alike. Using high-tech lasers and other advanced optical scanning devices, your dentist can now create a remarkably accurate virtual replica of your mouth’s hard and soft tissues. This advanced technology provides more precision in diagnosis, treatment planning, and patient education.

More accurate and comfortable

What does that mean for you? Instead of manually crafting old-fashioned moulds of your teeth, dentists can now work faster, making more comfort and convenience available to you during your visit. Patients benefit from digital impressions because it greatly reduces their chair time in the office and results in less discomfort when capturing the impression.

Digital impressions also give our dentists the precision needed to craft customized dental pieces more accurately than ever before—translating into smiling patients sporting dazzling newly crowned teeth, bridges and veneers.

Convenient and non-invasive

Taking digital impressions is an incredibly convenient and non-invasive process that is used to obtain a 3-D image of your teeth. Using a small intra-oral wand, your dentist will quickly and easily move over the surface of the teeth in order to capture an image with exact precision. This image can then be viewed on a monitor which allows both patient and dentist to see it.

Subsequently, this data is electronically sent over to our on-site laboratory for any subsequent restorations or fabrication processes, allowing for the restoration to be completed quickly during the same appointment.

The process of taking digital impressions is far easier than traditional impression methods and ensures better accuracy, comfortability, and convenience for everyone.

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As dental procedures get less invasive than ever before, we are vigilantly staying at the forefront of dental technology, providing you with modern, quicker dental care.

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