Teeth Whitening: smile with confidence

Interested in teeth whitening? For many people your smile is the first thing they notice.

When you love your smile your confidence shines through. However, many of the things we love, such as soft drinks, coffee, tea and red wine, can discolour teeth. To restore your gleaming, bright white smile and let your teeth shine to their maximum potential we offer professional whitening services. Teeth whitening is a simple, non-invasive procedure that can be achieved quickly and with minimal sensitivity. This safe and convenient procedure will brighten your smile and boost your confidence.

Having whiter teeth has become the number one aesthetic concern of most patients; the friendly professionals at Holland Cross Dental offer a variety of teeth whitening options to suit all needs. Since whitening only works on natural teeth enamel it is important to evaluate whether you would like to replace any old filings or crowns before beginning the whitening procedure.

Teeth whitening at holland cross dental centre in ottawa

There are a number of teeth whitening treatment options; from take home to in-office. The take home option involves the fabrication of custom whitening trays that are durable and molded from your teeth. Simply wear these trays each day to brighten your smile. Once you have reached the desired shade, wear the trays only occasionally to maintain your smile. The in-office whitening involves a short visit in the dental chair. This procedure is ideal for those that want immediate results.

Come in for a consultation with a member of our team to learn more and find out which option is best for you. As with any procedure your dentist will give you clear care instructions and you are encouraged to visit your dentist regularly to help maintain a healthy, beautiful, white smile.

Teeth whitening is not permanent—a touch up may be needed periodically depending on the amount and frequency with which you consume foods that are known to discolour your teeth.

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