How Bone Grafts help replace & repair

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that involves replacing missing bone, repairing bone fractures or fixing joints.

At Holland Cross Dental Centre, we offer different bone grafting options:

  • Allograft – This is a graft that uses donated bone from a genetically similar organism (human bone); it has been cleaned, prepared and stored in a tissue bank
  • Xenograft – This graft uses bone from a genetically dissimilar organism to humans (animal bone)

In dentistry, bone grafting is typically performed to increase bone mass underneath the gums in order to place an implant screw in a patient’s jaw. Over time, the bone graft fuses to the implant (osseointegration).

Bone Grafts in Conjunction with Implants

The reason this procedure is done is because without enough bone, the implant will be unstable due to a lack of support. For example, someone who has been without teeth for an extended period of time will experience a loss of bone in their gums. If they decide to get an implant and crown, they will have to undergo a bone graft procedure.

Depending on your situation, bone grafts may be placed at the same time as an implant, or before the implant. Our dentists will provide you details on a timeline that optimizes the healing and effectiveness of the graft.

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