Are You Thinking of Getting Dental Implants?

We can all imagine the overwhelming insecurity that comes along with having missing teeth, or no teeth at all. If you’re tired of feeling self-conscious about your teeth, or you’re sick of the hassle that comes with dentures and not being able to eat what you want when you want, you may be ready for a more permanent and natural-looking solution to your dental issues. Maybe it’s time to set up a consultation with your dentist in Ottawa about dental implants.

The greatest benefit of dental implants is that they give the patient the look and feel of their own natural teeth. These implants replace or fill the space of your old teeth with an artificially-made root, crafted from titanium metal. These implants are then placed in either the upper or lower jaw where they act as an anchor for the replacement teeth.

The Advantages

Dental implants are a fantastic alternative to similar dental procedures such a fixed bridges, because these implants help to preserve the patient’s upper and lower jaw bone integrity. Have you ever noticed the “sunken-in” look of the jawbones of long term denture-wearers? The term for this look is alveolar bone loss. This tends to happen when there is little to no direct stimulation of the jawbone, and can lead to bone disintegration. To maintain the structure and integrity of your jaw bone it must be regularly stimulated. The advantage of dental implants is that each implant is bonded to the patient’s actual bone, meaning that every bite or action performed with the teeth and gums is helping to strengthen the jawbone.

Getting Started

Are you thinking of getting dental implants? The first thing you’ll need to do is to set up a consultation with your dentist in Ottawa. A qualified Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) will then examine your teeth and mouth to determine whether or not dental implants are the best option for you. Following your consultation you should expect your dentist to take detailed x-rays of your jaw, head, and teeth before going any further with the procedure.

Post Care

Are you wondering what to expect after your surgery? The great thing about dental implants is that they don’t require any special regimen to maintain. All that your dentist in Ottawa will ask is that you maintain good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing your replacement teeth to avoid plaque buildup and remain disease free.

To get back your beautiful, natural looking smile, consult with your local dental professional for advice on the appropriate procedure for you and your needs.

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