Benefits of Technology in the Dental Industry

The fact that we are in a technologically advanced world is great. Things are always evolving and moving forward in an attempt to help people achieve tasks in a more efficient and effective manner. It’s also something that is inescapable; new technology is everywhere! As soon as the latest Smartphone is released, it is already considered old or passé. It can be difficult to stay up to date with all of the latest, but it can definitely be beneficial, especially in the dentistry world.

The first school of dentistry opened way back in the 1800’s. Since then, many strides have been made in the industry. Depending on the Ottawa dental office you frequent, they type of technology they use may vary. In the case of Holland Cross Dental for instance, they are privy to many exceptional technological devices that are carefully and masterfully used by their team of experts.

Some of the cutting edge technological gadgets that are used in dentistry at the Holland Cross Dental Centre include:


Digital X-raying

Digital Dentistry

Digital Impressions

3D Digital Imaging

Microscope Enhanced Dentistry


The use of these techniques benefits both the dental team as well as the patients. By learning about and implementing newer technology it shows that the dental team is not only keeping up with the times, but also looking for ways to grow and evolve. Once the dental professionals get a grasp on the devices they are using, they are able to see things they may not have been able to see as clearly before, and can make more precise incisions during surgery and the overall need for surgery is sometimes reduced.

The patients are able to benefit from state of the art tech by having shorter appointments and procedures that are less painful and more precise.

If you are someone who is skeptical of newer technology, learning to have an open mind is very important. It is also important to weigh the pros and cons of said technology in reference to your own situation. Consult with an Ottawa dental professional about any questions or concerns you may have regarding their use of technology during your visit.

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