What Not to Eat and Drink after Teeth Whitening

With These Tips from Your Westboro Dentist

When you go through an expensive procedure to make your smile its absolute best, you want to be entirely certain that you will get results that last. In some cases, this is entirely in the hands of your dental clinic and their skill and quality of service. But in other cases, the longevity of your treatment rests with you, and with your eating, drinking, and oral care habits.

Teeth whitening is one such procedure. It’s a great way of adding a brilliant shine to your smile. But as your Westboro dentist may tell you, there’s an unfortunate irony to it: immediately following treatment, your teeth are more susceptible to stains than normal. In order to keep your teeth their healthiest and whitest, you have to be especially careful about exactly what you eat and drink in the weeks following treatment. Here are some thing to avoid:

Foods that Stain

Pop quiz: what do blueberries, dark chocolate, and soy sauce all have in common? Apart from sounding like the most unappealing recipe ever, these are some of the worst foods to eat immediately after a teeth whitening session. Other things to avoid include tomato sauce, dark soups or stews, beets, curries, and other dark sauces and marinades – so you might want to make sure you plan your dental treatment to be after rib fest, not just before.

Dark Beverages

Even your Westboro dentist understands your need for a good cup of coffee every morning, and a nice glass of wine after a long, difficult day. But for the next little while, you might want to stay away from these notorious tooth-darkeners. Cola, root beer, and coloured juices are also high on the “Do Not Drink” list – but if you can’t help yourself, the careful application of a straw can help minimize contact with teeth.

Extreme Cold

You know that feeling when you bite into fresh-out-of-the-freezer ice cream, and it is actually so cold that it hurts? I don’t want to scare you, but right after your teeth whitening, that feeling will be a lot worse. The treatment can leave your teeth very sensitive for a week or so, so to avoid unnecessary pain or discomfort, try to avoid food or drinks below room temperature.

All Things Acidic

This is another by-product of your weakened enamel post-treatment. Your Westboro dentist will agree, any food or drink with a high acid content can cause some pretty severe discomfort, especially if you also have sensitive gums. It can also raise the acidity of your saliva, and over time cause damage to your freshly-whitened teeth. So be wary of citrus (lemons, limes, oranges, etc.), vinegar, pickles, and soft drinks. Follow these tips, and your teeth whitening should be guaranteed to have the best potential results.

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