Tongue Facts

The ability to speak is pretty incredible. Having the power to verbalize your thoughts and opinions is something very powerful. Now, just because we are able to do something doesn’t mean that it should always be done (especially during certain times or in certain locations). It’s also important to remember that with great power comes great responsibility (borrowed that from one of my favourite superheroes).


Besides helping with speech, the tongue has many other interesting attributes. Here are some facts about the tongue that you may not have known about:



A normal healthy tongue usually has a pink colour. Tongues that have varying colours could indicate different health issues throughout the body.



On average, a tongue has between 2,000 and 10,000 taste buds that are not visible to the naked eye.



Studies have found a correlation between the thickness of the tongue and obesity. Tongues are composed of a certain amount of fat, and in some cases obese individuals who were also sleep apnea suffers, had thicker and fatter tongues.


It’s an important muscle in our mouth, so always be careful how you flex it. Also, make sure to give it a thorough cleaning every time you brush your teeth.

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