What Is the Difference Between Going To An Emergency Clinic and An Emergency Room in Ottawa?

Imagine that it is the week before your long anticipated European vacation and you are finished packing, everything is in order, but then it hits you – a stabbing pain in your mouth – what do you do?

Or maybe you are playing soccer and suddenly the ball connects with your mouth – and one of your teeth is knocked out – where should you go?

While the standard emergency room might be the first thought that pops into your head you might also want to consider visiting an emergency dentist in Ottawa. An emergency dentist – what is that?

Well, an emergency dentist is exactly what it sounds like – a dentist that can treat all manner of emergencies that concern your mouth, your teeth, and your gums.  The differences between going to an emergency dentist in Ottawa and just going to the regular emergency room could include the following:

Wait-times: Emergency rooms operate on a triage system, meaning that if you are not in extremely severe distress you might have to wait.  You could be made to wait up to several hours just to be seen by doctor, this is no fault of the system that is simply how it works.  However, if you go straight to an emergency dental clinic you will most likely be placed at the head of the queue.  There will be at least on emergency dentist in Ottawa who is able to swiftly take care of your pain and your problem. Your wait time should be shorter and you will most likely have a diagnosis within a much shorter period of time than if you were at the regular emergency room.

Experience: An emergency dentist in Ottawa will by virtue of their career have more experience dealing with dental surgery and dental emergency cases than a regular emergency room doctor.  Emergency dentists will be more versed in how to treat your pain and how to patch you up quickly, and efficiently.

Electing to visit an emergency dental clinic rather than go to the regular emergency room will likely serve to free up some room on the triage list at said emergency room.  It will also allow you to have your problem seen to by a professional emergency dentist and have you back to smiling in less time than you would believe.  Emergency dental clinics are an underutilized resource that the public should start taking advantage of in the future or right now, if needed.

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