Back to school dental tips

It’s that time of year again! Another summer has flown by and students are slowly making their way back to school. Besides making sure that you have your new backpack, paper, pens and new clothes in order, it is equally important that your mouth is ready for the upcoming semester as well. You use your mouth to ask and answer questions, which is a very important part of the education process; don’t you want it to look and feel its best?


After all, you’ve probably spent the summer exploring the world (or at the very least, your city). Tasting new and different foods, consuming refreshing beverages and frozen treats and not to mention all of the sweets! These items can take a real toll on your mouth, so it is very important to essentially put your mouth through a ‘back to school detox’. Here are some ways to achieve this:


Change in diet:  This may be the best first step in creating a healthier mouth (and body). Being mindful of what your eating and how it’s affecting your oral health is important.


Brush Before Breakfast (BBB):  The better business bureau isn’t the only good BBB out there! Time is usually very limited in a busy household, so brushing your teeth before you have breakfast is a good habit to get into.


Water:  Ensuring that your children are properly hydrated is very important. Consuming water will also keep their mouths clean and clear (as opposed to sugary fruit drinks).


There’s no way to tell just what you’ll learn in school each new day, but if you follow these tips, you’ll be able to have the best days and healthiest days which will keep you more alert and able to focus on learning.

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