The Right Way to Brush Your Teeth

There are many ways to achieve a common result. If you are in location A and are trying to reach location B, there are more than likely many different routes you can take (that vary in time and length) that will yield the same result. However, choosing the most time efficient (and gas efficient) route will probably be your best option.

Brushing your teeth offers many options as well, even though it really shouldn’t. You may believe that you’ve reached the end goal of clean teeth by the time you’re finished, but there are factors that may suggest otherwise. Are you brushing your teeth the right way? Here are questions to be aware of before you start brushing:

Am I using the right toothbrush?
This is something many people may be unaware of. Rather than just randomly making a toothbrush purchase without giving it any thought, take some time to consider a few things. Firstly, the brush you receive from your Ottawa dental professional after a check-up is more than likely the type of brush you should be using on a regular basis. Secondly, think about things such as mouth size, teeth size, etc. This will help in deciding the size and type of brush (soft, medium, etc.) you should purchase.

Am I brushing long enough?
The amount of time you spend brushing is very crucial. Dental professionals agree that you should spend at least two minutes brushing at least twice daily…three times being the ideal amount. Three times a day may be difficult for people as life can get very busy and demanding, but ensuring that you are giving your teeth at least two minutes attention whenever you do brush will make your mouth (and dentist) very happy.

Am I brushing correctly?
This is the question that every other question hinges on. You can have the right brush, and be brushing for the right amount of time, but if you aren’t brushing correctly, it’s all for not. Do you start brushing the same teeth every time you brush? If so, switch things up to avoid boredom and to stay more aware of where you’re brushing. Secondly, hold your brush at a 45 degree angle to your gums and use short strokes in an up and down motion. Lastly, make sure to give each tooth proper attention (inside and outside) as well as your gums and tongue.

Remember that everyone’s mouth is different. Upon your regular check-up your Ottawa dental professional will be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have and can help guide you toward a regimen to optimize your overall mouth health and smile.

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