When to Call an Emergency Dentist in Ottawa

Emergency, Don’t Delay—Contact a Dentist in Ottawa Immediately

Finding yourself in a dental emergency is not an enviable position, particularly if outside of your Ottawa dentist’s regular hours, or if said dentist has no vacant appointments. And let’s face it, moments of crisis aren’t typically considerate enough to only strike when it’s most convenient for you. This is why there are emergency dentists in Ottawa—to handle the problems that strike when you least expect them. And their importance goes beyond that. Like many things in life, a dental emergency is best never delayed in terms of treatment. Waiting to receive treatment can exacerbate or worsen the problem, and it may be more complicated (not to mention more expensive) to treat effectively.

The most obvious reason to visit an emergency dentist in Ottawa is suffering a chipped or broken tooth (or worse, several). As tough as your teeth are, they’re not invincible. Collect any fragments of the tooth you can and rinse them off, as well as rinsing your mouth out too. Your dentist in Ottawa will be able to repair your tooth and prevent further damage, but remember, like most other emergencies that requires immediate dental care, do not attempt to repair the damage yourself. You would be surprised the trouble some people have gotten into attempting home dentistry!

Fully-intact lost teeth and crowns should also be retrieved and brought to your emergency appointment with you when possible. If you recover your tooth or crown, rinse it off in clean water without soap. If the damage is minimal enough, your dentist in Ottawa may be able to replace it—in the case of the tooth, in a reasonable time frame.

If you a receiving orthodontic treatment (i.e. braces, Invisalign, et cetera), it is doubly important to act quickly in the event of a dental emergency. This is because your teeth are in a delicate position, and weeks, months, or years of work could be undone if not looked after immediately. So if a wire breaks in your braces, or a bracket comes loose, or your clear aligner cracks, see your emergency dentist in Ottawa before your teeth are able to shift in any significant amount.

Other dental emergencies run the gamut from dislodged or loose teeth, lost fillings, severe infections, and stubborn objects stuck between the teeth that won’t come out when flossing. If you detect a loose tooth, or start to experience a severe tooth ache that will not be soothed, please don’t hesitate to call an emergency dentist in Ottawa. Your smile will thank you for it.

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