5 Types of Dental Emergencies

How many times have we felt something wrong with our body but ignored it? It’s funny how we tend to ignore what our body is telling us, even when we’re in pain. When it comes to dental care or any type of injury to your teeth, you shouldn’t dismiss it or delay getting it looked at. When you’re in pain, seeking an emergency dentist in Ottawa can literally save your teeth.

But when is it appropriate to contact an emergency dentist in Ottawa? As a rule of thumb, contacting any healthcare professional is always acceptable if you’re hurting! If you’re unsure, outlined below are five common dental emergencies.

Fractured or Chipped Teeth

No matter how remarkably strong your teeth are, they can still chip. Teeth can fracture for any number of reasons—from biting down too hard or from developing cavities that weaken your teeth. When this happens, it’s crucial to see a dentist. Apart from the pain and aesthetic concerns, not receiving the proper treatment can result in infection or further decay.

Knocked Out Teeth

Now, this is what you call a dental emergency! Knocked out teeth is one of the more serious emergencies, but the damage doesn’t have to be permanent. By contacting an emergency dentist in Ottawa right away, you’ll have a much higher chance of saving your tooth. If your tooth is not salvageable, then you can explore other alternatives such as dental bridges or implants.

Broken or Dislocated Jaw

Believe it or not, a broken jaw is one of the most common types of fractures in North America. They are generally caused by a strong force to the jaw, from sports injuries, vehicle accidents, or work accidents. It’s critical that an emergency dentist in Ottawa is contacted right away because a broken jaw requires specialized attention. If not treated properly, a broken jaw can affect a person’s ability to eat and breathe.

Lost Filling or Crown

There are several reasons a filling or crown may fall out. Although this does not seem as serious as other dental emergencies, it is still important to have your filling or crown fixed. In some cases, your filling could fall out due to the beginning of a new cavity or from the normal wear and tear over time. Either way, without a protective cover, you’re tooth is prone to temperature sensitivity and deterioration.


If you have a toothache, it could be a dental emergency. If you are unsure of the severity of the situation (although the amount of pain should be an indication), see your dentist right away. The pain could be a result of any number of reasons, all with varying degrees of severity: infected gums, tooth decay, an abscessed tooth, exposed root surfaces and more.

There are a variety of reasons why you should make a trip to see your emergency dentist in Ottawa. If there’s one thing to take away from reading all of this, whether you have a dental emergency or not, it’s that you should not ignore what your body is trying to tell you!

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